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Finserv is proud to feature Impact Speakers, Training & Motivation: Contrary to popular belief, speaking, presenting and selling are not art forms but rather tangible business skills. With the proper training and practice these skills can be learned, mastered and perfected.

Our Impact Speakers have developed a comprehensive program designed to help busy professionals improve all aspects of their presentation and sales skills to achieve greater business results.

Through our proprietary two-day training seminars, we are able to teach individuals the skills, strategies and techniques they need to better connect with their audiences and more effectively drive their messages home. This we have found, time and time again has a profound impact across all aspects of business and life, and is truly an investment that yields measurable success.

Through years of trial, error and success, we have developed a training model that is unique in its format and effectiveness. Each one of our intensive two-day seminars is designed to yield tangible and applicable results.

Capped at eight individuals per class to ensure personalized attention and focused feedback, each seminar enables participants to hone their presentation skills by presenting to the group and critiquing others. More importantly, all presentations are videotaped and thoroughly analyzed to assess areas of strength and weakness paying close attention to hand movement, posture, eye contact, use of visual aids, tone of voice and delivery.

This information is then combined with other strategies we teach to provide each participant a framework and the necessary skills to build upon as they continue to practice and improve their sales techniques and presentation approaches.

Business coaching

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