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A “brand identity” is a description for the unique and specific look and overall impression that firm or a product or service of that firm it perceived by the public . Many factors influence how a brand comes to be identified. It is partially defined by a logo and the marketing visuals and messages used to establish and maintain it. In addition, a brand’s image is developed through customers and buyers first hand and shared experiences about the product and/or service or provider. Brand identity is important... Look at the heavy hitters in retail or service based industries. When people see just their logos it brings to mind all kinds of experiences and often conveys an overall perception of the firm in question. As a financial professional you want to create an image that can help you convey who you are in the marketplace and what advantages you offer.

  1. Start with your logo and slogan as the centerpieces for the visual style that you will adopt for all the materials you use.

  2. Add your print collateral (Business Cards, Letterhead, Mailer Cards, Envelopes, etc.) all designed with that unique look and message.

  3. Add a website because it is an ever more critical part of how everyone connects and does business. It can be more than a "electronic brochure", it can be a lead and referral generator if it is appealing and content rich. We typically steer our clients to purchasing a subscription to an SEC friendly content provider like Broadfield (Emerald, etc... whichever one your firm prefers) and we taking their website builder and upload unique art and content to make it an entirely custom site. With such a system, the content is always updated by the provider yet we can still create any kind of custom content you want to post as well.

  4. With a website set up and your content provider linked in, you NEXT add Social Media pages and send your SEC approved content to those pages automatically. This further builds your brand and expands the opportunities to connect with new customers and also create a better relationship with existing clients which leads to referrals.

  5. We also develop custom video content using a mix of stock and provided stills and clips with scripts written just to support the message you want to convey clients and potential clients at this specific time. These custom content resources are many times more effective than the canned content available at most industry specific site building and marketing firm. You want to develop trust with potential clients and to differentiate yourself from others providing similar services. Our branding and content development projects work to increase your clientele and to build your brands market impact. We work in tandem with our consultation services department to key in on your best demographics. We help you tailor messages that, both in images and words, speak your truth, reinforce your brand and build your client base strategically.

Branding your business and establishing your reputation

Turn-Key Branding Services

We offer turn-key branding services. From establishing a new brand identity or re-branding an existing one. Our packages can include both a website and social media pages with SEC friendly content from a third party providers all set up to work synergistically along with your printed materials any any other types of marketing we might determine it would be to your advantage to pursue. All these products will be branded with your firms unique visuals and messages. We can also train your staff to update your site and create posts, newsletters, marketing e-mails and client specific presentations when needed. If you'd prefer, you can hire us to manage it for you and we will set up a marketing plan and execute it keeping your website and social media pages updated and drawing in potential and existing clients with a mix of custom and service provided content to expand your marketplace in a big way while also positioning you in a position of significant advantage for the future. If you would like a world class, cost effective, compliance friendly and content rich turn key branding and marketing solution, contact us for a free consultation.

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