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Consulting & Analysis

Business Consulting & Analysis

Find out how much your B-D makes on your branch & learn to negotiate from a position of strength.

Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Does your brand tell your true story & does your culture resemble it?

Coaching & Motivation

Coaching & Motivation

Do you have someone to discuss industry issues and marketing ideas — it’s vital to your success & longevity?

FinServ Consulting Group

Financial Services Marketing, Branding, Recruiting, and Business Growth are our focus. Our mission is to be a life-changing executive service and and to help take your company to the next level. To do this, you must continuously scan the environment and be alert to changes in order to respond quickly to opportunities and threats. You must reinvent yourself to prevent the competition from challenging your business model.

Compliance has become political, the DOL Fiduciary Rule causes are many, robo advisors are gathering more assets, mergers and roll-ups are creating new competition, changing technology, client needs are all evolving and it's vital to leverage strategic help to grow and run your practice. Working in your business will always be your priority, but working on it is difficult to do while running it. Whether it's stagnant growth, pricing pressures, compliance demands/costs, evolving technology needs, competition, or staffing issues, you should consider professional third party assistance that can work on your business in tandem with you and your team.

Let Tim O'Rouke & Jim Pomerance make your business grow.

FinServ Consulting Group is an executive service, which provides Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding, Coaching, Recruiting, Technology Support, Website Development and Design, and Business Consulting Services for Retail Financial Advisors. We design a customized support service around you and your practice. In addition, we work with companies across many industries to promote and communicate their brands through a wide array of customized initiatives.

Navigating In A Changing Industry

Navigate a changing industryThere is so much going on today both on the consumer side, as well as the regulatory and technolgy side such as AI, that we can help you strip out all the noise, and develop and design a strategic business plan specific to your needs. We talk to a lot of industry professionals and get many different perspectives to present you with an accurate and timely overview. We utilize our decades of experience, coupled with others to help our clients make informed decisions. You also have an important asset that needs to be protected and grown. So, if you’re not thinking three to five years in advance, you may not have a practice in five years.

Some of the smartest people in the world are trying to understand the implications of what’s happening in the investment industry. This shift is Huge and you must pay attention in order to survive.

We Are Different

We are not your typical financial services organization. We strategically help our clients with their businesses from many perspectives. Whether you’re looking to grow your revenue, create definable value, move your practice/office to another B-D, utilize another platform, sell or transition your practice, talk to us. We are thinking every day how we can better serve our clients and their needs.

We are different. We have many resources and will be candid in all our dealings. Call us today at 404-964-9933.

Our Services

FinServ Consulting Group provides assistance in Recruiting, Branding, Technology, Coaching and Business Consulting Services for Retail Financial Advisors. In addition. we work with companies across many industries to promote and communicate their brands through a wide array of customized initiatives.

We are a unique team of financial services and marketing professionals with diverse backgrounds across the industry. We understand the subtleties of the business. The collaborative nature of our team is a viable solution for many aspects of individual, partners/groups and corporate business needs.

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